Sunday, 24 February 2013

my evening routine/recommendations

After i have had some makeup on during the day, i like to take it off , cleanse and moisturise before i go to sleep.

fist to take off the makeup i use:Naturally radiant brightening hot cloth cleanser. this leaves my skin refreshed and with no makeup.
This is one of my favourite cleansers and super cheap!

After that I use:Witch gentle exfoliating face wash, if you have read my morning routine, you will see that i use this twice a day!

Before I go to bed i use: sudocrem. it is amazing! In one day it has made some of my spots half in size!! you only need a thin layer and leave on your face/where ever there are spots or blemishes over night. I love this stuff so much, it is a must have product for me.

Because i have scars all on my feet i use: bio oil. i have been using it for years (i still have the same bottle!) I wouldn't recommend getting the huge bottle because i still have the small one from 2 years ago. I know my scars on my feet will never completely disappear but the ones on the rest of my body have faded lots. It is really simple to use, just rub a thin layer of it on your scars and leave to absorb, you can do this as much or as little a day you want! x

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