Sunday, 24 February 2013

my morning routine/my recommendations

Because I am a teenager, I do have spots but luckily no acne. If you do have acne go to your local GP who will refer you to a dermatologist. A few of my friends have done this, and they say it is nothing to worry about! Just go to the doctors with a parent,friend, or guardian. OK, onto my daily routine. I have tested all of the products myself!

When I wake up in the morning my skin feels quite tight. So I use:Witch gentle exfoliating face wash
This product has really helped with my spots, and I got it from tesco's, but they also sell it cheaply in your local drug store-eg, super drug!

Once I have rinsed my face after that, I will apply a thin layer of:Clearasil rapid action treatment cream, this product helps reduce redness of spots in under that 4 hours!
This is what the box looks like, all the products are either from a drug store or a super market.

After that has dried I put on: rimmel London stay and perfect and perfect Primmer, I love this so much because it really works and leaves my skin feeling silky soft!
I apply this with my hands

The foundation I use is called:Miss sporty so clear.  This is a cheap, good quality foundation and works well with the primer and also have good coverage over your face.
The brush I use Bobbi brown foundation brush, but you can use any standard foundation brush to apply this. I also tend to afterwards, to rub in in with my CLEAN hands.

to set the foundation I use just a simple stay matte powder.the mascara I use is called: Rimmel London Waterproof volume mascara flash. This is one of my favourite mascara because it doesn't clump or smudge. And because I live in England it rains a lot, it stays put even during the heaviest of showers. To remove it just use an eye friendly cleanser or makeup remover wipes.

As a blusher I use:Blush bourjois Paris  74 rose. It is a beautiful natural colour and also very affordable for teenagers!

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  1. This really helpful! I was just about to go into town and now I know what to but<3 :-)